Natural ravines of Northwest Surrey.

There are a few remaining natural ravines in the Northwest corner of Surrey I am currently concentrating on documenting. As I hiked these ravines the last couple of  years I took a lot of photographs, unfortunately I also came across a lot of garbage and dumping into these green spaces. The following lists are pictures of the ravines as I found them.

Tom Hopkins Ravine and Delta Creek 
This ravine is accessed by stairs at the end of 99 Ave west of Scott Road. The stairs go down and back up the other side. There is no along the length of the ravine, however, it is hikable in the summer when waterflow has mostly dried up.

Al Cleaver Park and Scott Creek
This waterway leads to an area West from bottom of Scott Road Hill and 102 Ave where there is a beaver lodge and pond. This beaver has cut many of the city planted trees in the area including red cedars as well as a huge willow tree and several large deciduous trees.

Thompson Creek
A hidden piece of natural creek between the railroad tracks and 102 Ave at 122 Street (12244 102 Ave). This natural area is in danger of development and requests have been made to cover the natural creek over and create pan handle building lots.

Robson Ravine and Creek
The Eastern Edge of Robson Ravine will soon be dug up to replace a Sanitary Sewer line. Many mature trees will be removed. The creek will be rehabilitated.

Here are some posts which refer to Robson Ravine.

Robson creek runs into Manson Canal which runs into the Fraser River. The ditches along the hills East of Scott Road Hill near 102 and 121 Street also drain down the hill into Manson Canal. Robson Creek and Manson Canal are designated as a salmon bearing streams, therefore it must be important what is happening upstream from these waterways.

In the summer of 2012, SHaRP (Salmon Habitat and Restoration Project, a student volunteer group) cleaned up many of the areas I documented. A summary of the project scope and the resulting truckloads of garbage removed is provided here.

Our purpose at is to raise awareness of our green spaces in Surrey and work to preserve and improve them. If you are interested in receiving updates on these and other natural areas in Surrey, please contact me.

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