The Great Tree Hunt

The Great Tree Hunt is an initiative of the City of Surrey to promote public awareness of trees that are outstanding in age, size, character and historical interest in Surrey.

I propose that if you want to take direct action to preserve Surrey's natural areas and mature trees,  find a tree in your neighborhood you love and nominate it for the Great Tree Hunt.

These are the instructions on the City's page about  The Great Tree Hunt
How To Nominate A Tree For The Great Tree Hunt
  • To nominate a tree or group of trees in your community, measure the circumference (waist size) and estimate the height of the tree(s).
  • Then, fill out the Nomination Form and mail it in, or eMail the details to 
  • Include as much information as possible, and a photo if you can. Please respect private property by asking permission from the owner before measuring a tree.
  • Nominators and owners of eligible trees will receive recognition from the City.
  • For more information, call 604-501-5050 or email
I plan on doing a survey of my neighborhood to identify the special mature trees I can see out my windows.

Keep Canada Green and preserve our mature trees in Surrey.

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