Monday, March 10, 2014

The Fencing of Robson Ravine

The project in Robson Ravine seems mostly complete except for the last section, so I took the opportunity to talk a walk and see for myself the changes that had occurred in the ravine. It was a strange experience to walk on a flat gravel path rimmed with a fence as far as the eye could see... it all felt so unfamiliar. 

When I arrived at the flat rock I was so extremely disappointed that it too has been fenced off.
This rock had always been a favorite place to stop for almost everyone I know who used the ravine. There were picnics on the rock. Summer days of just hanging out, when it was hot, we took our shoes off and cooled our feet in the stream. 
Now if you are a child, you can only peer through the fence at it...
For the numerous dog walkers who use the ravine, it was a place to let the dogs have a drink.. Now there is no water for dogs or people anywhere in Robson Park as they have not installed washrooms or water - even though they added soccer fields and a toddler's playground.

The only thing I could focus on was the fencing for the rest of the way. I felt very distant from nature, like I had been cut off and separated from the trees and the creek.

I tried to remember how it used to be when we could see the earth and the roots of the trees...I went back and found some of the photos I took before the work started, and missed the old ravine even more.

I had been concentrating on tree retention, but now I realize that it is the fencing of the ravine which has changed things so much more than the removal of trees.

Before the project
Logically I understand the need to protect the creek, but  it used to be a place where kids learned hands-on about nature and the joys of playing amongst the trees and in the creek. Now society finds it necessary to cut us off from nature so we don't harm it. I wish instead the focus was on educating people about nature and getting them to appreciate it and treasure it.

Perhaps someday I'll appreciate the new Robson Ravine, but not today. Today I feel as if something precious has been taken from me.

For now I only want to remember the way things were when I took these photos of Robson Ravine.

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