Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Robson Creek, Manson Canal and Salmon

At the intersection of 104 Ave and 122 Street there is this sign on Manson Canal. I believe this waterway connects to Robson Creek where so much work was done on the natural areas in order to attract fish.

This is looking East from 104 Ave and 122 Street. I believe the logs are signs that  beavers are at work. I have also seen herons, rabbits, coyote, flickers, pileated woodpeckers and many many small birds such as chickadees and juncos.

Looking  south across Manson Canal up water way then onto 121 Street. 

Proposed greenway space next to Manson Canal.  As evidenced by the footprints in the snow, this roadway is already in use by pedestrians to reach the new Burger King and Tim Horton's on Scott Road.
12090 104 Ave
Development Permit 90-0127 

Development Permit 08-0216
Development Permit to build two warehouses.
10390 Scott Road 

Unfortunately the salmon bearing natural waterway needs a bit of help in this area next to Scott Road.
 Across Scott Road the waterway continues northwest to the river where a proposed greenway is to be built.
Having a walking path off the main roads is a great bonus. One is proposed for next to Tannery Road, but walking next to a trucking route is not really anyone's greenway dream.

On Elevator Road looking South East towards Fraser Perimeter Road.

On Elevator Road looking North East to the Fraser River.

Road that runs parallel to Manson Canal connecting to Tannery Park.

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