Wednesday, February 22, 2012

104 Ave/122 Street to Scott Road Skytrain Station

At 104 Ave and 124 Street are these grand trees on the ridge above South Westminster.  It would be nice to have a greenway to admire these and take advantage of the Green Buffer Zone as outlined in the plan.  They sit directly above a proposed townhouse development and have a view through to the Khalsa School.

The proposed greenway could go next to these trees and would be usable by both residents along 104, but the new residents to be placed into this area. It would provide pedestrian and bicycle access to the Scott Road Sky Train Station. It would give access to the natural beauty of this area.

The views from this hill are spectacular and it would be nice to be able to appreciate them.

Alternatively, a greenway could be created to separate the residential zone from the industrial zone and create a buffer between them.

10488 124 Street or 12389 104 Ave

Development Proposal 06 - 0332

OCP Amendment from Industrial to Urban; NCP Amendment from Parks and Open Spaces to Low Density Townhouses; Rezoning from A-1 (By-law No. 5942) to RM-15; Development Permit in order to allow a 43-unit townhouse development.

I have no experience with zoning changes, I read on the Development Proposal "NCP Amendment from Parks and Open Spaces to Low Density Townhouses; Rezoning from A-1 (By-law No. 5942) to RM-15"  I'm not sure what "NCP Amendment from Parks and Open Spaces to Low Density Townhouses"  means. Was the open land replaced with other open land in the same area, so that we can retain natural areas?

View from property to Khalsa School beyond which lies the sky train station.

This road leads to Old Yale Road by 125 Street which is currently unused.

Pictures of some of the trees beyond which the green way could go. I believe this whole area is to become residential?  How many people are planned to live here on the flat area of South Westminster?
The following properties and development proposals affect this area.
12455 105 A Ave
12499 105A Ave

Beyond Old Yale Road I believe is already proposed parkland and city owned property through which a greenway could go without much problem. It would lead directly to the Scott Road Sky Train Station .
There are existing proposed greenways already leading into that area from City Center and Brownsville.

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